Lisa Dominique "Sensation"
After moving to LA in 1994, Lisa is back with her first UK release since 1992. " Sensation", the electrifying title track kicks off the album with LD’s unmistakable sensual vocals carried by powerful crunching guitar riffs that rock hard and loud. Lisa describes her new album as a roller coaster of energy that takes the listener from heavy guitar riff groves to bluesy ballads when LD hugs the microphone and gives a performance as smooth as silk on "If I’m losing you."

Track 5 "Ecstasy" and 7 "Some People" are filled with breathy vocals and guitar solos that bleed (performed by guitarist Marino). And last but not least, track 10 "Vampire Love" is already signed to be featured in the upcoming vampire movie "Vampire Sky".

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1. Sensation

3. If I’m losing you

5. Ecstasy

7. Some People

9. Alternative

2. Baby I don’t Care

4. Starchild

6. Oh Yeah

8. Here What I Say

10.Vampire Love