A Short History of Lisa’s Career.

Lisa’s musical career kicked off in ’85. Leaving her home town in East Yorkshire with a suitcase and a dream, she went to London to join her first band "Marino the Band." Band leader Marino, also Lisa’s big brother, decided not to waste anytime and within two months "Marino the Band" were supporting at the famous Marquee club on Wardour Street in London. That night Lisa performed live for the very first time and proved to the band and the crowd she had what it took to be a star. Within days after the bands performance, Lisa and the band received rave reviews in Kerrang!, then Britain’s leading rock magazine. There was no doubt Lisa had made a big impression, being described as "rocks new sex kitten that strutted the stage like Scarlet O’Hara on acid." But it wasn’t until her second live performance on Channel 4’s ECT Rock Show that every UK rock fan got to hear and watch Lisa for the first time. Lisa Dominique, the lead singer with Marino the Band, was an overnight sensation. ECT’s producer, Keith McMillan, described Lisa as the Marilyn Monroe of Rock n’ Roll. Her performance was the most replayed performance of the whole series, and it wouldn’t be long before her sex kitten looks would begin gracing the pages of every rock magazine across Europe.

"Sex kitten Lisa Dominique struts the stage like Scarlet O’Hara on Acid.". Kerrang!

’86 management companies approach the band. Famous producer/writer Mutt Lange (of Def Leopard, Foreigner, Shania Twain fame) describes Lisa’s sultry voice and dynamic stage presence like a female Billy Idol and adds "that Lisa is a star in the making." Olga Lange, Mutt’s wife, offers the band a management contract. After three months of decision making, band leader/guitarist Marino decides to reject Lang’s offer and Marino and Lisa Dominique sign with American based management, AMI. Pre-production for new album begins with David Bowie guitarist/producer Mick Ronson. By the end of ’86, Lisa and her brother discuss musical differences and decide to separate on good terms. Lisa, now signed to AMI management goes ahead and puts together her new band and hits the road for the first time playing every rock club venue across the British Isles. After three months of solid touring, she returns and signs her first record deal with BMG/FM Revolver Records.

"Lisa Dominique is the Marilyn Monroe of Rock N’ Roll."

Keith McMillan, Producer/Director Channel 4 ECT

’88 Lisa releases her first self penned single "Jealous Heart" and continues to grace the pages of European rock magazines.

"Lisa’s voice carries the same distinctive quality of Chrissy Hynd of the Pretenders and Debbie Harry (Blondie)".

Mick Wall, Renowned Rock Writer and Author

"Lisa Dominique delivers! She does pout and tease for all she’s worth - at one stage the whole band disappear under a crowd of over excited 18 year olds. But there is no doubt this girl is talented and has a powerful voice, belting out each song flawlessly. Lisa Dominique rocks!"

Jill Dummigan, Daily Mail, Yorkshire



Lisa is voted Britain’s No. 1 Female rock vocalist and sex symbol.

’89 Lisa’s self penned album, "Rock n’ roll Lady is completed and tops the rock charts upon release. Tommy Vance, Britain’s top radio rock DJ describes Lisa’s live performance of "Somebody Special" as magical and closes the year by re-airing the whole session. Lisa Dominique is also voted Britain’s leading Rock n’ Roll Lady, being voted no. 1 female singer and pin up in the yearly readers poll in Kerrang! And Metal Hammer, above artists Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox, Lita Ford. Her record company celebrate by pressing a limited edition of Lisa’s album on a picture disc and Peter Stringfellow (London’s famous nightclub impresario) throws an exclusive party for his favorite rock n’ roll lady, describing Lisa as the "Rock n’ Roll Madonna"

"Lisa Dominique is much more than a media darling, there is a musical wolf in sheep’s clothing lurking behind that glossy exterior."

Metal Hammer, Bob Seger

"Beautiful Lisa Dominique emerges as England’s number one metal song bird and this girl deserves the title!"

Hip Parader, Andy Seecher

Lisa makes history

After a non-stop sell out spring/summer tour, Lisa is given the honor of headlining the last night at the legendary Marquee Club. (Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix all launched their careers from this club.) Marquee manager declares: "There is no other rock n roll band in the UK that can touch the excitement and energy of a Lisa Dominique show." A star studded crowd fills the Marquee, and Lisa brings the house down in true rock n’ roll style. Fans go wild tearing pieces of rock memorabilia from the walls, the floor, the stage, including unscrewing the Marquee doors and dragging them home. Musicians and journalists laugh and cry into their beer whilst cameras flash capturing the moment. That night Lisa Dominique makes Rock n’Roll history and one of the world’s most famous rock clubs closes.

"They wear leather mini skirts and skimpy tops, strut on stage in high heels and belt out songs that leave the fellas shaking in their wake. They’re the She Devils - the girl rockers who cause a storm wherever they ride out, and leading the pack is British beauty Lisa Dominique who has just finished a nationwide tour and left Britain breathless."

The Star, Sue Blackwell

1990 Lisa releases her first video and single from the album. "All Fall Down" springs into the rock singles chart and the video earns Lisa a place on the International Ladykillers ’91 Women in Rock Kerrang! Video. The video is banned by the BBC for being to raunchy, but still the single proves to be a huge success across Europe. Lisa closes the year with wedding bells and marries NY Attorney/Manager Michael Machat who at that moment in time is managing the UK No. 1 Top of the Pops Act, Adamski & Seal with "Killer!" A fairy tale castle wedding takes place in England, making the headlines of the Daily Mail and other major UK papers.

"Lisa Dominique is the Queen of Shock N’ Roll!"

Daily Star UK


"Lisa’s public aren’t just excited youths, it just happens they seem to be the most successful in getting tickets before the place is sold out! Before long the stage becomes a shark feeding frenzy as Lisa slings her jacket off and proceeds into rock n’ roll lady. But Lisa isn’t all about tits, teeth and hair. She writes great songs and delivers them dynamically."

Al Simpson, Metal Hammer


1991 Lisa changes record companies to Castle Communications/BMG and releases her second self penned album "Gypsy Ryder." This time the album is recorded in New York and tops the European rock charts once again. An extended European tour follows including festivals with Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne. "Gypsy Ryder receives rave reviews around Europe.

"Lisa Dominique proves she’s a lot more than a picturesque rock n’ roll queen. Gypsy Ryder confirms Lisa to be an impressive song writer. Gypsy Ryder delivers 10 well crafted songs, strong flawless vocals and soulful melodies in the same class as Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar."

Angus Young, UK Daily Mail

"Gypsy Ryder is one classy piece of work. Lisa Dominique delivers and proves she’s much more than a pretty face."

Tommy Vance, Radio 1

’93 Lisa begins writing a set of more bluesy rock acoustic songs and considers putting together a band and taking a break from her solo career. The band was to be called Broken Down Angels but by the end of 93’ Lisa is asked to guest on a new rock show with her good friend Lemmy and James Dio in Los Angeles. Lisa flies to Los Angeles and by 94 she has moved to Los Angeles and has begun forming an all American band. That next year Lisa wrote and recorded new material which proved to be a huge success on the college radio charts in the US. But by the end of the year, Lisa takes a break from the band and begins writing and producing.

Lisa Bites Back!

Lisa becomes the official "Vamp Girl" for US Company Vampire Wines.

’96 Lisa and her music are featured in a successful wine commercial. Lisa is spotted and approached by several independent movie companies but declines all offers. She closes the year appearing live at the film premier of Quentin Tarrantino’s and George Clooneys’ Vampire movie Dusk til Dawn.

’97 Lisa takes a break from music to start her own wine company, Cupid Wines. (www.cupidwines.com) Lisa receives the silver medal designer award for her Cupid label design and she also receives 3 gold medals for the quality of her Australian wines.

’98-’99 Lisa takes time out from her wine business and teams up with Boy George (Culture Club, Ministry of Sound) in London to record a techno/garage track called Vampire Love to promote Vampire wine in the clubs in the US. The song proves to be a success in London dance clubs and NY club scene and sells thousands pf 12 inch red vinyl editions on the Vampire web site. Lisa is offered a recording deal with a well know dance label in London but declines the offer respectfully. Returning to Los Angeles, she appears live at the Wesley Snipes Blade Film Premier in Hollywood, and closes the year by starting production on a new album.

A New Century

2001. Lisa starts work on her first novel and finishes recording her album. Lisa also signs an international spokesmodel contract to promote Vampire Vodka and Vamp Energy drinks to be available in the US and Europe, 2002.

2002. Lisa re-unites with FM Revolver/Universal Records to release her first UK album since ’92. Her self penned album is entitled "Sensation". Check out Lisa’s new album page. Also check Lisa’s book page and find out about her exciting new novel that’s coming soon!

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Proud Mum hugs her two favorite rock n' rollers. 86' Lisa's Mum becomes director of Lisa's international fan club and merchandise.
Lisa and Big Brother Marquee London
Dominique and Band
Lisa with good friend/tour manager Angie Gallagher
Lisa - Cumbria Rock Festival Lisa Dominique is voted Britain’s no. 1 rock n’ roll female singer and sex symbol. Playboy magazine makes Lisa a generous offer but the UK’s rock queen says no thanks.
Lisa tops the list on Kerrangs! Ladykillers release.
Lisa hooks up with good pal Lemmy and James Dio for Los Angeles TV Show
Lisa signs up to promote wines for the US Generation X crowd.
Lisa shows off her award winning wines at her Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles
Lisa and Wesley Snipes at “Blade” premier in Hollywood.
Lisa 2002 signs international modeling contract to promote Vampyre Vodka and VAMP nrg drink and releases her first UK release since ’92, “Sensation.”